5 Things a Social Media Manager Does Before Arriving To Work

  1. Before even getting out of bed, a social media manager is likely to open up all social media apps and check the various platforms for any engagement or updates that could have happened while sleeping.
  2. While eating breakfast, a social media manager will probably scan the Internet for any recent articles discussing new social media breakthroughs and trends.
  3. After finding an article on how Facebook changed an algorithm again, the social media manager will curse under their breath and plan on meeting with the digital marketing team to work through yet another changed algorithm.
  4. On their way to work, a social media manager will check their emails, hesitating to learn what new incredible idea their client has come up with this time, and how can we talk them down.
  5. And finally, a social media manager will put on their game face, fully knowing that social media changes hourly and preparation is key.